Friday, September 14, 2012

Month Anniversary!

    The plane touched down and I felt a sense of exhilaration like never before. I glanced out the window to see high mountains, lush trees, and old buildings. The flight attendant said something in Bosnian and my ears perked to a flurry of words I'd never heard before and, if I didn't realize it before, it hit me now. I was in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I had just flown across the United States, across the Atlantic Ocean, and across most of Europe. We got off the plane and the smells of a new place filled my nose. My eyes tried to take in every little thing and my ears tried to understand every word.
    We passed security and soon saw the people who I have come to love and appreciate more than ever. The people who have accepted me as their daughter or sister or American student. The people who have taught me the simplest words and bore through my broken language skills. The people who have guided me along. Those who I have laughed with and those who I will be seeing for an awful long time.

    Today marks my one month of living in Sarajevo. In this one month, I feel like this has been the most educational and incredible experience I have lived. People from every background imaginable have become my friends and school is a blessing in disguise with all sorts of kids. Through these people, I have learned all about a new lifestyle.
    How eating is practically a religion and you do not skimp. Ever.
    How coffee is the link between you and friends.
    How the TV is almost always on.
    How college ruled notebooks are about as foreign as I am.
    How public transportation can make you get really used to people practically hugging you.
    And above all, this exchange has taught me so far that the world is full of all sorts of places and people that are as curious about you as I am about them. They have pleasantly surprised me with their customs and I surprise them. Sometimes I even surprise myself (like how American high schools are actually quite alike to the high schools in movies). I have loved this past month and I am so excited to live here for the next school year.

    I came here on a hot, sunny day in August and now I sit in my room looking at the nonexistent scenery because the fog and the rain are covering it. I look forward to the many new things I will learn, the people I will meet, and the adventures I will be a part of. I am excited to learn the language, eat their food, and, above all, become a Bosnian!

   And so, my first month is over, but I have nine more to go! Nine months of learning, friends, and adventures. I am excited beyond words.

   Anyway, it's Friday evening and I think it's time to socialize.

   Until later news,

Medina and the Monkeys :)

Emma being cool.

Ready... ready...

OH MY GOSH DELICIOUS FOOD. Chicken and po-tay-toes :)
Uh... Irfan?
We couldn't find our Bosnian class...
Sliva (prounced sh-lee-va - aka plum) jam!

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