Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School?

    Today was technically the first day of school. I got dressed up in my first day of school garb and had the whole nervous, excited feeling that I usually get. My bus got me to school a half hour before our orientation was to begin and out of all of SHAKE, I was the first to arrive. I sat at the front gate, twiddling my thumbs and randomly checking my phone which everyone does when they don't want to seem like a loner. About ten to 11, Helena, Emma, and Anna came into view and we were soon joined with Andrea (who was an exchange student with YES last year) and Ana (who is from Austria). Soon we congregated in front of the school doors with tons of other students and it looked like we were the only ones who were desperately confused. We huddled by the doors as Savannah joined us and finally the doors burst open and everyone started filing in. We followed everyone in and noticed that the majority of students headed up to classrooms, while a select few stayed in the foyer. The school coordinator, Tomo, found us and told us to stay with the smaller group as he announced what was going to happen.
    He began to call attendance and we all realized that he knew every one of the kids from our smaller group and every kid knew each other. Except us. Us seven stayed in a little uncertain huddle while he called them off and they began walking down a hallway to the gym. Soon, all the kids were gone and he turned towards us and said, "And you five, let's go." We all looked at each other uncertainly and headed down the long hallway to the gym. Tomo went to the front of the gym and rallied everyone together as he welcomed us all to the IB Program and he was happy to see all of our faces again. He then turned to us Americans and he said, "As you may have noticed, we have five new girls who are all from America!" and while he continued to explain that schedules had to be redone because of teachers transferring, us Americans glanced around the room, taking in our classmates for the next year. After explaining the schedule situation, he looked over at us and said, "Americans, don't worry. You already did this awhile ago."
    Following the introduction of our homeroom teachers and the new Chemistry teacher, Tomo said that he would see us tomorrow at noon and we could all go home. SHAKE all looked at each other like this was the strangest thing. We could actually leave? We were at school for, what? Twenty minutes? Andrea then invited us to go out for coffee with a guy in the IB program, so we all shrugged our shoulders and headed out for coffee. Which then lead to SHAKE going down to Bascarsija and scoring when we found the best pekara (bakery) ever and then took our pita/sandwich/brownie-jam-thing to a park where there is a giant chess board! We watched some elderly men play chess and one man came up to us and asked if we were here to find husbands. After assuring him that we were not here to get married, Helena and I headed out shopping! Which was my first actual shopping trip!

   So the low down of my first day as a Senior? BEST. DAY. EVER. I understand classes will get difficult and soon I'll have to concentrate more on all my classes instead of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and my blog, but as for now, Bosnian school is definitely looking up.

   Anyway, I should be heading off to get my sleep before school tomorrow.

   Until new adventures and discoveries,

P.S. Sorry about no pictures. Today was such a conundrum that I didn't even think about taking pictures!

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