Wednesday, September 5, 2012

English, Bosanski, and RAIN

    Today we finally had our first, true day of school. It started off full of confusion on our American group part, but soon after checking our schedule for the week, we were grouped with people in our math class and then sent upstairs to our room (I'm guessing our homeroom?). Because we were grouped by Math class, Savannah and Helena were with me as we followed some new friends into a room with about twenty or so other kids. First two periods were both English class with our coordinator, Tomo! Mainly he told us about the IB exam at the end of next school year, but then he followed with making us do introductions. Most of our class was, indeed, Bosnian. But we soon found an Irish girl and a Spaniard (and I think there was also an Italian?) which was cool. It's interesting to me though, because in the States, when there is an exchange student, they are smothered with kids thinking they are the coolest kids in the world. Here, not so much. Mostly people asking us, "Why on earth did you come to Bosnia?" It's cool though.
    After introductions and checking out our class for the next year, our teachers switched and we began Bosnian class. Now, SHAKE is taking beginning Bosnian class, but our teacher was unable to come this week, therefore Tomo said to just stay in the Bosnian class for Bosnians. The kids who weren't native Bosnian speakers left for self-taught classes, except us. The teacher entered the room and, before I knew it, Bosnian was being spoken and I could pick out a few words such as "book" or a number. At one point, the teacher went around asking for names (thank goodness I knew what she was doing) and when it got to be I said my name in the clearest way I could and then Savannah followed and she looked back at us and said something in Bosnian. A boy in the back yelled up, "One su amerikanke!" And she looked back at us and said, "Oh Americans! New students then?" and Savannah and I just nodded and she simply nodded back and went on to the next student. Then a few minutes later, the teacher said something to me, supposedly, and I looked up at her confused and the same boy from earlier said, "Just smile and say yes!" I turned back to him, "Yes? What am I saying yes to?" He laughed, "Just say it!" I turned back to the teacher and said, "Uh, da?" The entire class laughed and I am still clueless as to what I said yes to... maybe one day I'll find out.
    When Bosnian class was finished, we all headed out to American Councils for a quick meeting, followed by a coffee break and then a lovely walk home in the pouring rain.
    Oregon. I sometimes miss you.
    When I arrived home, I was completely soaked and I don't think I have ever walked home that fast yet. I also realized that I should probably buy an umbrella very soon. A very pretty, small umbrella just for me. If it continues to rain, at least I get to finally wear my multitude of sweaters. Random fact of the day: I love fall weather/clothes/feeling. I just love fall.

     Anyway, I leave you with a picture of my final picture on the front porch that my mother has made me do since kindergarten. To conclude 13 years of education, the last picture:

    Until more shenanigans,

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