Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adventurous Adventures in the Land of Wells

    The past three weeks haven't been very eventful, unfortunately. Mainly, the routine of wake up, eat, school, coffee, school, home, homework, Internet, sleep. But in the past few days, I have been on some adventures! And I am excited :)

Race for the Cure!
   Last Saturday was the Race for the Cure. Skye, our coordinator from DC, was visiting/working and she was here for the weekend! We met up by the National Museum where people set up booths with free snacks, drinks (especially coffee), and music. They had a ZUMBA team up on stage for about twenty minutes doing routines and we all joined in for 'Moves Like Jagger', but we were laughing too hard to really concentrate. After about a half hour or so of wandering, we thought the race started and we accidentally missed it. So we started walking down the river, talking and "catching up" to the race.
What happens when you have the road to yourself :)
     Well we never came across another group of walkers for the Race for the Cure and eventually we looped around and were back at the start. Just as we crossed the finish line on the other side of the river, we heard the gunshot and everyone took of running down. We all looked at each other and laughed at our mistake and decided we could do something else.

    Anna, Helena, Savannah, and I then became tour guides for Skye and we took her up to the White Fort way up on a mountain. We tracked down a taxi that would take us up there and soon we were at the beautiful mountaintop. We were all talking loudly of course, until a man came around the corner and started hissing at us in Bosnian. All of us turned wide-eyed and looked around to see a camera crew. Filming a movie in Bosnia? Say wha...? We pointed to the fort, as if asking permission to go in. The man nodded and we silently made our way inside. Just then we see this:

    Those are two ninjas climbing the fort. Day = made.

    After silently touring the fort, we decided to climb down the hill through a steep, beaten path. Skye was being extremely cautious because her shoes were slippery. As Skye successfully made her way down, I began to say, "That was so entertaining watching you go down so careful-" and just as I am finishing my word, I slipped on a rock and fell straight on my bum. Helena and Skye started laughing hysterically and, at the moment, all I could say was, "That was really ironic." and I began to laugh. Helena breaks from laughing to say, "No, that was karma." Oh karma. Sometimes I really hate you.
    After looking around a bit more, we then headed back down the hill eventually landing in Baščaršija. We stopped for ćevapi and then went shopping with Skye, showing her the area we have become so familiar with (except we still get lost in Baščaršija. So confusing).
    Fast forward a week, and it's Friday! We had no school on Friday because of World Teacher's Day (Dear Teachers who have taught me these past 12 years of school - you are awesome and I couldn't have gotten here without you. Thank you so much.). I met up with Andrea from school who told me about a youth conference her church was attending. She heard me saying once that I was looking for a church and so she invited me to come along. After a quick coffee (anarchy in Bosnia!) and all the information I needed, I took off to meet up with Helena. We went shopping around Baščaršija, looking for gifts and I bought a few. Making a dent in gift buying early! So, you're welcome Char, Grace, Es, Soph, Ash, Anna, and Mom. I got you presents! And I mailed my postcards and letters, I was definitely feeling accomplished.

     We met up with Anna and had lunch (a delicious vegetarian pizza, if anyone was wondering) and another coffee, this time we took our dear sweet time. Helena then had to go home, so Anna and I explored Baščaršija some more and we came upon a secret section! It's really hidden away, but it had the coolest stores where I bought two of my gifts (and bound to buy more) and Anna bought her now favorite (and only) ring. Anna and I then practiced our Bosnian smiles :)

    A few hours later, I headed off to the youth conference! In short, it was a fabulous weekend full of awesome worship (American songs in Bosnian. And I thought life couldn't get any better) and meeting all sorts of people. I stayed up probably way too late and definitely regretted it when I'd have to get up in the morning and drag myself back to the other side of the city. When I told Nizama about the conference, she was so happy that I found something to do and was going to church again. I forgot how much I love church and worship. And because of my new friends, I have plenty of places to go to with friends already there. Goal = accomplished.

    Anyway, I leave you with a taste of Bosnian worship music. Enjoy :D

    Until more adventures,

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