Friday, October 12, 2012

Simply Sweet Days

    Remember how I said the past couple of weeks were extremely uneventful? I'm glad to announce that these past few days have changed that! Yay for doing things!

    Monday was supposed to be pretty uneventful. I just came home, slumped on my bed, and started Skyping my parents for Canadian Thanksgiving. Then Medina came in and asked if I'd like to attend Fashion Week in Sarajevo which was Monday through Wednesday night. Excited to be doing something, I quickly got ready in my classiest clothes and set off. The fashion show was held in an old hall that used to be used for military. I fell completely in love with the old architecture and paintings and  decided that this was where my wedding was going to be held. Medina and I found our way past doormen, security guards, and hosts until we found two seats and then the lights dimmed, the music started and the first model started strutting.

    The fashion show was amazing and feeling rich and classy (even though in reality I'm a poor high school student) was priceless. After the designers came out and everyone applauded, the guests were invited for an after-party down below. Medina and I made our way down as we found a table and watched people stream in and out of the room, grabbing drinks and nibbling on weird cheese. Photographers from TV stations and newspapers were circling the room and a few took our picture. Not going to lie, I felt like a celebrity even if absolutely no one in that room except Medina knew me.

    Then Medina's cousin called to meet up for coffee so we met outside and took off for Baščaršija (but not before taking a few model poses ourself, of course).
    After meandering through Old Town, we found a cute café to sit in, grabbed some cake, and talked until Medina thought it best we go home. I did have school in the morning!

    Tuesday was very possibly one of the best days ever. Not because anything extraordinary happened, it was just pleasant beyond words. I began simply enough with classes, one of which I made a terrible (luckily people found it funny) mistake where a spider was in the class and I began yelling "KILL IT" as the majority of the class voted on saving the spider and taking it outside. When I was confused why no one killed it, one of my friends, Zuki, leaned over and said, "it's against the Muslim religion to kill a spider." I felt instantly humiliated and awful for yelling in the middle of class to kill the spider, but everyone found it hilarious, which I was grateful for. Let's hope I never make that mistake near a mosque...
    After a few classes and then lunch, I was then left with a few empty blocks. Anna then revealed that she brought her frisbee along because she is in love with ultimate frisbee and intended on making us all play. However, we were not on her level, so we decided that for the first day we would simply throw it around. The sun was warm and the weather actually perfect for simple sports, we made our way outside and started tossing the frisbee.
    It started off just four of us girls, tossing it nonchalantly while talking. Then one guy joined us. Then another girl. Then more guys. We soon had this giant group on the other side of the park, tossing the frisbee over trees and trying out weird throws that Anna had taught us (hammer throw is a little weird, however I'm getting very good at the forehand).

    Eventually, everyone had other classes except Emma and I. So we remained outside, she finishing essays and I wrote letters. When it started getting chilly, Emma and I headed out to Metropolis (only our new favorite café) and grabbed some coffee and food where we waited until the girls were done because next thing on the list was... Medresa!

Access class!
Part of the Access class that took us on the tour :)
    Medresa is a school in Sarajevo much alike to a Catholic boarding school, except instead of Catholicism, they teach all about Islam! When we arrived at the school, they told us we didn't need to wear headscarves, but by doing so, we stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone in the school instantly knew who we were as we made our way to the Access class. Access is a class which focuses on English and that day's topic was politics, but not before the initial introductions and questions. But, much to my happiness, we got to ask the class questions too. We asked them about their insane school schedule (classes and prayer pretty much all day. They have fifteen-sixteen
classes a day. SIXTEEN.) and their life in general. We then had a tour of the school from the students and then returned for our mock political parties getting questioned by journalists thing! We were separated into groups and the teacher came around to tell each group what they were doing. She arrived at our table and said, "You are the winning politicians and you have to let us know what you have planned for a project to change something in the city." Our big plan to change Sarajevo? Animal shelters! My group worked really well together and they were the nicest people. Because of the cramped room, I was kneeling at their table and a girl continued to insist that I take her chair. I told her the floor was fine, but eventually they all squished together so we could fit. When the class was over, a group of them invited us all out for late night coffee.

l-r Haris, Anna, myself, and Ajdin. I look evil, I know...
    Late night coffee was so much fun. Beyond fun. I suppose looking back all we did was drink espressos (worst idea ever at 9pm) and talk about music and cultures and just everything, but it turned out to be an evening of making new friends (however cheesy that sounds). We exchanged band names and songs we should try out and we all talked like we had been friends forever. When it was time to leave, everyone insisted that we'd have to do it again sometime and I could honestly say that I hope this happens. All of these kids were definitely some of the nicest kids I've met. They were pleasant and talkative and we were all equally interested in each other. All I can say really, is that Tuesday these past couple weeks just keep getting better. New things to do and new friends and every day here just makes this experience more enriching.

    Anyway, I better be off. Volunteering in the morning!

    Until more sweet days,

P.S. The video is an Arabic reading of the Qu'ran by one of the Access students. She only read for five seconds until I shoved the camera in her face :) Sorry!


  1. I love your smile in those pictures!

  2. Ahhh for some reason I can't watch any of the videos you have posted!!