Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let It Snow!

   This is more of a frivolous post. Not one to give people insight to exchange or Bosnia, but more of a little something that made me really, really happy. Are you ready?
   IT SNOWED. And not just that light, little fluff that melts away in a few hours like Oregon. It snowed and it's been sticking. Perhaps I shouldn't be too excited about snow like this, because it means that I have to wrap myself in scarves, hats, sweaters, gloves, and coats in order to leave the house. But snow also means curling up with tea or hot chocolate and the beauty of a world in white. It also means my birthday (four more months, but still). Snow equals winter and I just really love winter. Back home, the majority of winter was rain. Cold, wet, dreary rain. Snow can still mean sunshine! I was raised in Canada. I love snow. When it started snowing on Monday, Anna (who's from Wisconsin) started jumping around and demanded we go outside and frolic. Savannah, who's from Arizona, was a little more weary of the cold. But we braved the cool weather in our totally inappropriate clothes for winter.
   Anna instantly began running around, declaring to all of Sarajevo how much she loves snow, while I just laughed, pulled out my camera and started snapping pictures and Savannah hugged herself to keep warm. She did that until Anna grabbed her arm and started twirling her around in the snow. We were practically dancing around the park behind our school, looking like lunatics to anyone inside. Passerby's with their umbrellas and coat collars turned up against the wind, questioned our sanity with mere cardigans and summer scarves, jumping around the field.
   When our fingers became too frigid, we headed inside, snowflakes melting on our hair and we sat on the stairs inside to dry off and get warm. Some teachers passed us on the steps and started exclaiming in rapid Bosnian and we were all laughing, until a girl sitting on one of the benches in the foyer said, "She's talking about the concrete! You're sitting on concrete and your hair is wet!" We all started laughing again, because it's something we've all come to love about Bosnia. You never sit on concrete or else you're ovaries will fall out and you never go outside with wet hair or else you'll catch the draft.
   We then had a discussion about our names and Anna, Savannah, and I discovered our middle and last name initials are all the same and we just felt more like triplets than ever. And we realized that if Savannah were to marry a certain person, her initials could become ridiculously hilarious.

   Anyway, that was just a nice day in a nutshell. I bought my winter coat and gloves and hat and I am officially prepared for winter. Nizama loaded me with thicker socks for the house and two extremely heavy winter coats for when the weather becomes unbearable.

   Until more splendid days,

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