Friday, April 27, 2012

In the Know... sort of.

I have some confirmation! Sort of. We just had our first conference call with the lovely Bosnia-bounded ladies, as well as our officials and people we are going to rely on so much in the upcoming year. So many questions were answered including the much anticipated Departure Date.
I am proud to say that I leave for Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina on August 15, 2012. No, I don't have my actual flight or anything like that, but I did order my passport on Monday! School starts on September 3 (day before America, oh well), but before that we have three weeks of intensive language camp. I'm actually really excited for language camp...
This is all just sinking in though. I mean, sometimes I'll lay in bed and it will suddenly dawn on me that I am leaving. Officially. For a year. In a country where I don't know anybody nor their language. And instead of feeling absolutely petrified, I am thrilled and excited and nervous and a little crazy. You have to be to go on an exchange. True fact.

Anyway, time for Zumba!

Until perhaps I get my host family,


P.S. (Edit April 27, 2012) SHOCK (aka the Facebook Five) have officially ALL made it to YES Abroad finalists. We are reppin' Bosnia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and Malaysia. I am so excited!
P.P.S. SHAKE is our Bosnia group. It stands for all the first letters of our names, Savannah, Helena, Anna, Katie, Emma :) I am the only one that does not have an "ah" sound at the end of their name. Oh well :P

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