Monday, May 7, 2012

Zdravo! I have my books!

I finally received my books! Well, one of them plus my CD. My dictionary and workbook will be arriving shortly, however, and I am extremely excited. Last night when my mom handed them to me (I was gone all day at State Championships for Choir) I immediately opened the book and looked at the first page to find tons of words I didn't know! Big surprise! 
My book includes all three languages that I will need to know which will be a painful process to learn all three as well as I can, but my goal is to be able to introduce myself and talk about the weather and such before I leave. Crossing fingers for basic skills by August! I then tried out my CD which instead of doing very slow "Hello. *long pause* Zdravo *long pause* Zdravo *long pause*" it went like this, "Zdravo. Zdravo! Ko si ti? Ja sam student i zovem se..." in a very fast, fluent motion sounding all like gibberish to my Bosnian-ignorant ears. With a little luck though I will get used to the CD fast and be prepared for the crazy amount of Bosnian I will be hearing in three months. THREE MONTHS. Sorry, it just dawned on me that I am leaving so soon.

Anyway, I need to begin my lessons and hopefully get my head around the language.

Until the rest of the books arrive,

- Katie


  1. What made you decide on Bosnia for one of your top countries?

    1. It fascinated me! The beauty of the country, the diverse culture with so many different types of people, and maybe just the idea of being different :) I don't really know, Bosnia just stood out for me and I could see myself falling in love with it.