Tuesday, May 15, 2012


   On a first note before I get to the main news, I got my final book! Which would have been a lot more helpful if I received it first. It thankfully includes how to pronounce the alphabet which has a few new letters like a 'c' with a 'v' on top of it. It makes a 'ch' sound. Extremely proud of myself for knowing that :)

   As for the real news which are my realizations. Good byes, for example. This last weekend my family and my church said good bye to our youth pastor and someone I've known as a brother for the past five years as well as saying good bye to a life-long friend who is moving back up to Canada. Yes, I know I will see them again, but saying good bye to two practically brothers right then sent me into a flurry of tears. And then the realization hit me that I would be saying good bye to everyone in three months. I will see them all again, but I would be lying if I didn't say leaving for a year somewhat frightens me. I am still excited beyond words and ready for this incredible opportunity. Everyday I count down to the Pre-Departure Orientation (six weeks from today, if you were wondering) and then I count down again to my next conference call with SHAKE (Savannah, Helena, Anna, myself, and Emma), and then I get so anxious to leave I can't handle it. But the allotted time I have for my goodbyes and learning Bosnian (it's coming... Zdravo, kako si ti? Zovem se Katie. BAM) and studying. No, this is just enough time for everything.

  Another realization is what I'm might be missing next year. And trust me when I say that I had to think about this a lot. Plays for example, next year. The theater program here is going to Scotland the summer I return. Because I won't be here to audition for the programs they will be performing, I will not be a part of that. My choir is going to Disneyland next year. I will also not be a part of that. Of course there are other things I will be missing, but I am not worried about those things. There's also the possibility that I might miss graduation. It's strange to think I am actually graduating. It doesn't feel like school is almost over for me. Then again it's not over. I still have college. Woo hoo! Really, I am thoroughly excited for college.

  The last realization is this: I am going to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Everyday it gets more real and I'm not left thinking, "No, this isn't happening. I am not going there." But then I get an e-mail from our coordinator saying that she has the papers for us to fill out about school and I momentarily feel my heart stop because I know that this is really happening. And I am so grateful to everyone who has got me to this point.

  I also realize this post is about more on a serious note. But this blog is all about my exchange. Realizing certain things is definitely part of the exchange experience. I'll have happier-crazier-slightly mental posts when I receive more news.

  Anyway, I will write when I have more information on Bosnia which will hopefully be soon. I leave you with a picture of Bosnia:

  Until after our next conference call... maybe,


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