Monday, April 8, 2013


    I'm not one to explore, nor be a bit spontaneous. I like plans and I like to know exactly where I'm going with thorough research. When someone says, "Oh! Let's stop here, it looks interesting." I instantly go, "Umm. How about not?" I don't randomly decide to do things. I like having dates and times.
    That's why on Thursday I surprised myself a little bit when I decided I was bored with my hair and I chopped it all off! Well. Not all off. But let's just say it hasn't been this short since Freshman year. It's been awhile.
    And then when Anna messaged me Thursday night asking me if wanted to meet up for coffee in Baščaršija the next day and run around and take some pictures, I didn't think much of it.
    Ha. Silly me. This is Anna we're talking about. She's kind of an exploration nut.

    The next day I walked down to meet her at BBI Centar where we took off for coffee. The day was warm enough to sit in one of our favorite Old Town cafés with a nice cheap array of coffees. We talked for what felt like hours and then decided we should head out. Then Anna suggested after coffee we could head up to Bijela Tabija. After quickly agreeing, I then caught myself and asked her if we were going to take a taxi or walk. She replied walking. HA. No. Instead we settled for another spot of the city, still up a solid hill that was right next to an old military compound.

    However, we didn't know that area very well so we ended up wandering up and down alley ways, passing broken down buildings and catching wonderful views of the partly-sunny Sarajevo. We stopped along the ways taking lovely pictures, which Anna was excited about because the lighting was perfect. The broken military building was extremely fascinating and Anna and I had to be each others common sense, because both of were tempted to go exploring further inside, but the many signs surrounding the building saying, "Warning: Destroyed" kept us in check.

     After wandering the hills of Sarajevo, we started heading down when we ran into an amphitheater that they started building when we first got here. Well, it's almost finished now! So Anna and I enjoyed running back and forth between center stage to test out the acoustics to the back of the theater where we could hear exactly what we were saying. Amphitheaters never fail to completely amaze me. I mean, how do they work!? I'm sure there's a science to it, however, I just really do not know what exactly happens. Time for a quickee research! Once we were done playing, we then headed to the Alija Izetbegović museum which was a remodeling of two towers and wall connecting them. Izetbegović was Bosnia's first president and held a very important role in overcoming the recent war. One part of the museum focused on his life, while the next focused on the war. All-in-all, Anna and I found it incredible interesting and we left the museum both agreeing Izetbegović was pretty awesome.

    Once we were through scanning the museum, we headed back down to Old Town for ćevapi and then sat around in a park looking at the pictures we took until it started to rain. That was where Anna headed back home (which consisted of a long walk home because the public transportation system is on strike) while I headed off to church!

    Teen group this week was exciting and different as missionaries on the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) program in Ukraine were there as guests, who set up the room very nicely and made us dinner! Teen group passed normally as I made new friends in YWAM from the USA, UK, Ukraine, Russia, and the Netherlands! They were really nice and we were equally interested in each other and what we were doing in Eastern Europe.
    Saturday was our first day of no Bosnian class, so I pretty much slept and chilled with the host family which was a nice, relaxing change. However, later that evening, my church was holding an Easter concert and a mini art show, so that evening I headed out to that and it was a lovely evening of traditional music, art, and fellowship.
    Sunday was busy. I left that morning for church, except yesterday was a special sort of Sunday service as around six or seven different churches were gathered together for one big service. Helena came with me, which I was really glad about because most of the girls don't know exactly what I do when I go to church, so it was nice to finally show one of them. The service was great and interesting, with the pastor using 'Shawshank Redemption' as one of his key visuals. Once the service was over, Helena and I headed out for lunch, but not before I made plans to meet up with Lindsay (the American in YWAM) later in Baščaršija.
    So Helena and I carried out a quick lunch of freshly made pizza and then she headed off to work, while I went on my way to meet up with Lindsay. Because she didn't know Sarajevo, I was able to take her around a bit and show her certain things (I considered this a test run for when my mom comes in 18 days! YAY!). We had coffee in my favorite Old Town café, shopped around; both of us buying gifts for our friends and family. Once we were finished going through every shop in Old Town, BBI, and Alta, Lindsay told me I was welcome to join the YWAM crew for dinner and a movie at the church. So of course I agreed!
    When we arrived at the church, both of us cold and exhausted, soup was simmering and one of the workers put hot water on for tea, which was perfect after a long day of walking everywhere in the 4ºC weather. We all talked around for awhile, eating our soup and sipping tea and coffee and I pretty much was in awe of the Brits and their accents. We then all settled in for a Disney movie, making offhand comments of Hercules having one of the best soundtracks and how Megara has a crazy fringe.
     Once the movie was over, I called Esad to come pick me up and I said farewell to my new friends who I hope I will see again someday! When I got home, Nizama asked if I was living at the church, considering that was where I spent the majority of my weekend and I simply laughed and told her no.

    Anyway, this weekend was lots of fun, full of exploring and meeting new people and chilling. Always nice chilling. :) I better be off though, got some homework and then off to bed early! That's what happens when you drink three cups of coffee the night before and only get three hours of sleep...

    Until more people,

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  1. "Silly me. This is Anna we're talking about." I laughed for hours. I'm still chuckling. <3

  2. Glad you're practicing your tour guide role!