Monday, November 19, 2012

From My Hometown

    There's something about talking about your hometown that just makes you want to talk forever. Something about sharing where you are from and how much you really do love it there is special and you want other people to realize that your hometown is an amazing place to visit, even though not many people know about it. On Wednesday, SHAKE headed back to the Madresa to tell them about where we were from.

    It was nice to go back, first of all. I was happy that I remembered most of the people and they remembered us. And while we thought we'd be presenting in a classroom like last time, we were instead shuffled into a very large, very intimidating lecture hall. All of the girls laughed a little nervously and shrugged. Well. This is new. 
    Emma was the first to go, talking about Down South. She did the entire presentation with a soft, sweet Southern accent and I'm pretty sure she had all the boys swooning. Especially when she was saying the names of states included in the south.
    Next was me with the Great Northwest, while keeping the focus on Oregon... and then shifted Oregon to mainly Portland. I spoke about Portland's amazing food, the interesting *coughweirdcough* places there, and the general beauty of the Northwest. It's funny though, how talking about a place that you've lived your teenage years in can make you want to tell people everything about it and then have no idea where to start. All I continued to do was emphasize that the Northwest is gorgeous and awesome and people should definitely come visit.

    Savannah then stepped up to talk about the Southwest, because she's from Arizona. She had some gorgeous pictures of sunsets and rolling desert and a cactus in her front yard. She educated us about Native Americans and the Four Corners (something new on my bucket list) and it made me want to go there.
   Anna then followed with the Midwest, as she's from Wisconsin. It made me a little happy as she talked about winter activities because it reminded me of Canada. She showed us a vast amount of farmland and cows and then handed out American candy to all the Madresa students.
   Last was Helena with the East, because she's originally from New York. Anyone could tell that Helena has the biggest soft spot for New York and the east in general and she loves it for every reason. The history, the beauty, the people... and I guess that's what true love is :).

   All-in-all, Madresa evening two was a success and it was fun talking to everyone again. If you would like more information on the Madresa and what we were doing, go here for more information.

   Anyway, I have school tomorrow.

   Until more adventures,

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