Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

    I leave in less than a week (five days tomorrow at 7:42am) and I have finally begun the necessary. Packing my bags, gutting my room, Senior pictures, and getting my early graduation gift. So today, I write you from my very own laptop in my living room watching the old Batman and Robin. WOO HOO! Thanks Mom and Dad for my present :)

    Monday was the start of our church's Vacation Bible School which we have spent months prepping for and planning and at 9am that morning, fifty kids came racing through the door, squealing and full of energy. Can't exactly say the same that early in the morning. But with a latte by my side, I managed to wrangle 14 kids together to make Team Bears!
    After VBS on Monday, my dad and I headed out to the mall to get my laptop. They thought I was a college student so I received a discount on the computer, and a gift certificate for apps. Thank you, Apple! I hugged my laptop the entire way home and my parents were laughing at my giddy smile. No more bumming off of the parents' computers or my siblings' laptops. This baby is all mine.

    On an exchange related note, my room has exploded out into the hallway. I have bins full of garbage, donations, college, and random future stuff that I don't want to bring with me or give away. There is hardly any walking space upstairs and my room isn't any better. In fact, I should probably be packing and cleaning instead of telling you what I should be doing. And to prove my point, here is a picture of the disastrous hallway ->
True packing will (and must) begin this week and not just throwing clothes into my suitcase like you can see in the picture.

    And to top everything off, I finally got my haircut! Now, you may all be thinking that this isn't very important. Well. I haven't had a haircut since Freshman year. A haircut is long past overdue. After the haircut, my sister took me out to begin Senior pictures. We only did a few compared to the many most people put up, but we only had an hour to do as many as we could. But we're going out tomorrow to finish after VBS and before youth group. The pictures so far look fantastic, and I'm so glad I have an artsy sister who is extremely skilled with a camera.
       As for now, I have still too much to do and I have been spending too much time on my new toy. Well that and VBS and planning last minute dates with all my friends for one last "Hurrah!" So perhaps I should get down to business (but not to defeat the Huns).

    Anyway, I better make my room a little more spotless and the hallway a little more crazy.

    Until Bosnia perhaps! Unless something amazing happens :)


PS I have been in contact with Medina, my host brother's wife, and she has decided to leave my house a complete surprise. No picture, but hopefully a Skype date soon!

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