Sunday, June 10, 2012

Almost There

    SATs are over, one final for Human Bio (gah) done, and only 4.5 days of school left. Can it really be done that soon? It's crazy to think that this is my last week in American high school. Eating lunch with my friends at the same table for the past three years has become routine and seeing those familiar faces every morning is just part of me. On Wednesday, we said good bye to our Seniors (which I didn't say good bye to most. I am so sorry!) and now, with my last 4.5 days of being the top dog in school, I'm going to live it up. By "live it up" I mean complete five finals and take a butt-load of pictures. I think it's just beyond me to think that the next time I step into a school, I will be in Bosnia. My sister freaked out when I told her I was having my eighteenth birthday in Bosnia. She couldn't believe I was so old already. My next Christmas will be in Bosnia and, who knows? My host family may not even celebrate it. Speaking of which, I have yet to receive my host family. I have a feeling I won't receive my host family until the end of this month or next. I'm not too worried though, just a little anxious I guess.

     On the school note, we sent in all our forms for school! I registered for Bosnian, French, English, Math Studies (the easier of the two choices. Oh well.), Biology, and Theater Arts. I'm already extremely excited for my Bosnian school and I haven't even finished with American school! Us Bosnian bound girls (SHAKE) have been communicating and, most likely, one of them will be in each one of my classes. Which I'm grateful for, I'm just hoping I'm open enough to burst out of my comfort zone and go talk to some legit Bosnians. It's going to happen, I swear.

    And on SHAKE news, I don't know if I mentioned this, but we are secret quintuplets. We all have long, dark blonde/light brown hair (which three of us are cutting shorter), we are all going to be Seniors next year, and we all dress alike. Seriously, when we first got our country, we did introductions and our personalities are nearly identical. This will for sure be the best year yet! We have all also decided to wear "matching" outfits for the PDO in DC. It won't be noticeable. Just something like, we all happen to be wearing Bosnian colors when we arrive and are all "surprised" when this happens. We've been planning this. We're weird. And I promise I'll post a photo of our look-a-likedness. Which isn't a word, but I don't really care.

    As for SHOCK news, we have decided to do a Sisterhood of the Traveling Journal. Pretty much, we'll have a journal that starts off with Hannah and she keeps it for a month and writes in it and then passes it on to Carly, then Sara, then Olivia, then me! I get it last because I'm the farthest away. Sara, Carly and Hannah are all in southeastern Asia. We all also promised to send postcards because only one of us will get to keep the journal. The postcards we all get to keep.
SHOCK just hanging out :)
     Anyway, I am really excited. This summer is extraordinarily busy with the PDO, camp, Canada, VBS, Bosnian learning, work, and plans for all my good byes. So many freakin' good byes. But there will be so many hellos that I think everything will be alright. Wish me luck on finals!

    Until perhaps before the PDO when I have more stuff to talk about,


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