Friday, March 9, 2012

The Daunting Days

    The next couple days will be daunting. Why, you may ask. Well. Within the next two weeks I will be busy with school, work, auditions for the play I'm directing, and (you named it) preparing for IPSE (In-Person Selection Event).

    I fly out March 24 to Colorado for the three-day interview event for YES. My fellow Cultures-Shocked/Facebook buddies and I are doing a remix of Baby by Justin Bieber and Friday by Rebecca Black for the non-talent show which we are super excited about. We just need recruits! Our group is seriously crazy with all of us counting down the days until IPSE (I pronounce it like "ihpse", I've heard it like "ipsie" and others say "I-P-S-E"... not sure what is correct?) Other than that, IPSE will be filled with activities, interviews, games, and all-round one of the best weekends ever! Hopefully... the only thing that would make it better is if it was followed by a "Congratulations, you've been selected for the YES abroad scholarship to Morocco/Bosnia and Herzegovina!" Seriously, if it said one of those two places I would scream, jump up and down, dance, and then fall into a fit of hysterical laughter whilst hyperventilating. Probably not healthy.

    Which reminds me, I changed my country order yet again to Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Oman, Thailand, India, Mali, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Ghana. I believe only the first three are really taken into account, but the other countries are important also.

     On NSLI-Y news, we get notified if we've been selected for the scholarship at the beginning of April which will be almost immediately after IPSE. I'm freaking out. It would be a dream come true if I got BOTH scholarships, but I just need one to give me the OK. Oman is now a country if you are selected for Arabic, which adds to the list already complied of Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt. Except I believe they are removing Egypt and replacing it with Oman? I'm not entirely sure, I just heard Oman is now possible. Which would be SICK.

Anyway, off to homework!

Until after IPSE when I have more to write about other than nervousness and craziness,

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